AZI offers Mobile Web Design, Mobile Microsite Design and Mobile Apps Development; Mobile microsite design is the most effective way to communicate a message or concept in a way delivers a company’s message in easy to read format. Mobile microsites are designed to streamline content on a hand-held device and is designed and optimized for handheld devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet devices. If you are looking to stay ahead of the competition Mobile Microsites and Mobile Apps are the way to go, the future is here and your time to act is now.
Mobile Microsites and Mobile Apps are handheld versions of your website that target the mobile phone and mobile tablet users. The goal of Mobile Microsites and Mobile Apps is to deliver your information in a streamlined easy to use interface with your call to action in mind.

AZI is a professional mobile application development and software development company.
GAZI mobile services are designed to bring you’re your company into the mobile technology age. Our mobile development, and design services include; mobile platform development, application development, mobile web design and development, and consulting services. We prides itself in being mobile experts that can convert your ideas into professional applications that will set you apart from your competition.

AZI’s expertise covers a range of technologies including, Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and more. We extensive experience in creating high-end designs, development, and advanced solutions for our customers small and large.

We can develop on all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, RIM, Windows Mobile, and Symbian. In addition, we can also develop any backend resources that an app may require.

Ten Step Process :

1. Define project scope
2. Understand target audience
3. Discuss resources needed and budgetary parameters
4. Integrate branding and graphical elements
5. Provide user interface (UI) mock-ups / first round of reviews
6. Development programming / second round of reviews
7. Integration with new or existing API’s
8. QA testing / finalize UI / navigation
9. Final reviews and pilot testing
10.Deploy final version to platform for launch.

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